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Yes all you have to do is that you have to share the promotions on a periodic basis to all our friends in face book  and our job becomes  very simple here all you have to do is you have to ask our friends to whom you have sent the promotions to share with all their friends and we will be able to track that and you will be paid accordingly to the number of share from your reference on daily basis . The only step to do is that if you have interest in making some money in our free time , you can register in this site and create a account for you and once it is done you will be getting our adds and you can  star earning .  And the best part in this is that you will be getting paid day on day , 

Earn hand full of salary day on day

Yes you read it right, at the end of each day you will  have a hand full of salary .  you will get a huge sum of amount at the each and ever day by working just or couples of hours a day .

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